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About this learning path

Hosted by world renowned barman Andrew Nicholls, Bartending Professional is an advanced learning path that will enable you to become a master behind the bar. This comprehensive set of carefully curated courses detail all the skills and knowledge a seasoned bartender would learn through years of experience. Bartending Professional is for those who want to become an expert behind the bar.

Course Content

Total learning: 76 lessons Time: 5 weeks
  • Understanding Drinks Service  Gain a thorough understanding of drinks service with this short course for hospitality service professionals. We explain why and what people drink, drinks service, the basic structure of a bar and who’s who behind the bar. This course aims to familiarize aspiring bartenders with the fundamental concepts and techniques of the modern bartender. 0/9

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  • Bar Hygiene  Keep a clean bar station and present drinks professionally and to the highest standards every time with this Lobster Ink Bar Hygiene course. Learn the basic principles of maintaining a professional bar to a global hygiene standard, and know how to handle every aspect of bar sanitation - from how to clean bar tools correctly to which chemicals to use, as well as the principles of cleaning as you go. 0/8

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  • Drinks Equipment  Knowing how to pair drinks with the right glassware enhances the drinking experience, and separates the amateurs from the professional bartenders. Don’t get intimidated by all the tools behind the bar - learn how to use them to create the best drinks every time. Master these bartending skills and provide quality service with confidence. 0/18

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  • Garnish Equipment  Creating ice nests, beautiful sprinkles of lime zest, or elegant twirls of lemon add the finishing touches to cocktails. And, as we drink with our eyes first, it’s important to make those drinks look amazing. But before you start grating and peeling, it’s important to get to know your equipment first. In this course we give a rundown of all the equipment needed to prepare amazing garnishes to delight your Guests. 0/8

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  • Station Set Up  The key to success behind the bar is good preparation. Learning the standards of professional bar setup and preparation will put you in control of your workstation, so you can focus on consistently creating and serving the best quality drinks quickly and fuss-free. The foundational knowledge provided in this course is crucial for beginner bartenders to start well behind the bar. This course will enable you to Prepare your bar station with all the equipment necessary to carry out efficient beverage service Know how to set up the preparation station in the bar Ensure the correct amount of drinks and garnish equipment are present at the station Ensure the right electrical equipment is available for the station Ensure the correct type and amount of ice and cutting equipment is available for the station 0/6

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  • Trays and Dockets  It seems so simple that it’s often overlooked. But, if you have ever tripped carrying a tray of full champagne flutes, you’ll know the value of learning this essential skill. This short course, perfect for bartending beginners, teaches you how to properly prepare, use and carry a tray to deliver quality service to your Guests. As an added bonus, the course also takes you through the docket system. 0/8

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  • Drink Service  Quality bartending is about delivering exceptional service to your Guests. Our Drinks Service course teaches you more than just bartending basics, but also the fundamentals of providing brilliant service too. Learn more about taking orders and how to properly serve spirits, wine and sparkling wine like a true bartending professional. 0/14

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  • Communication Basics  Nobody wants to order a vodka gimlet and receive a pint of bitters. That’s why professional bartenders need to have good communication skills. This short course unpacks the basics of communication behind the bar and offers professional tips and tricks for communicating well with your colleagues and Guests. 0/5

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